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" Feng Che noncommittal, but still ordered the coachman turn to the market." Zhangcheng Ying surprised a moment, a moment later and suddenly, suddenly laughed, "It seems that princes and Xiaguan think one go, princes assured Xiaguan given live up!" Silly pet a daughter of the Princess wife After talking with the head, that one evening among the already turned over his face, shaking confident smile, "Come on, you can go before the court to take the murderer!" Feng Che Yang lip smile, followed. Two of them as quite a while, she Mouzhong a light and a dark Mouzhong him. Xiang Wan is a step back, stand to the side and said, "Now do not let others touch princes second wife, how can I know why the second wife died? In the end is death or drowned in the water was pushed into the water? If it is dead after being pushed into the water and who is victimized? princes do not want to know the real cause of death of the second wife? " Phoenix feather look is clearly sluggish the next, apparently, he did not thought about the deeper reason, when the benefits of children's body was salvaged, it was found in the water when the evening among the hairpin and both have insisted day We had an argument, and therefore no one would get to the bottom are considered to benefit the evening among the children pushed into the water. dallas cowboys jerseys from china Evening among the pick eyebrow, look back look unto been moved coffin motionless phoenix feather.

Under his heart scared endless, minutely aside Fung Che looking, I saw him looking as usual, but it is more than a hint Mouzhong bright, quietly staring at the woman still could not rummage. wholesale dallas cowboys jerseys for sale " Fung Che raised his brow, noncommittal. He knows how to confuse the illusion of death Wuzuo eyes, and even in smothering and drowning nuances, double preparedness, so a come, careless Wuzuo only some of that drowning is the second wife, see if some minor cases of non-drowning would conclude that they are being seriously injured died head to cover up the real cause of death, confuse our eyes, we will lead a wrong direction to track down the killer, so that also gave him the chance to get out. dallas cowboys jerseys free shipping "If I can prove not my people killed, seven princes are not able to pay me innocent?" "Since you are a non-killed by the king since you will not be wronged.

Jingzhao prefect side of hearts is also a shock, but it is now looking at the evening among Look, I did not expect this little girl actually hidden! As Fung Che Mouguang always light, even if the party autopsy to know even to tell the second wife to death and another strange words it is also indifferent, but the light within the pupil of the eye is clearly a dash of deep, if it appears. Trail only one exit, through the door of the inn, now long to get out, she did not care too much." bimonthly Night Good Times If not finished, Suddenly looked up and saw a man in front smiling evening among the head "boom" is heard, mouth curse words could not come out, just to escape their passion at the moment disappeared, seems like a deflated balloon , to say a word.


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