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is determined lady was killed, but the old man look at this carefully wound around, even after soaking less obvious, but upon closer inspection you can see that this is not still alive wounds, but after the death of someone deliberately forged out. Checking the clothes, wash their hands look to her three-room, Mouguang fall phoenix feather body, "while scenes I'm afraid who can not stand, especially the seven princes, if not . Genteel, but a very dangerous man! With evening among just want him to leave the palace, after the As, it is absolutely farther from the royal person, the better! "Thank you, the three princes to keep its promise to help the evening among a palace!" On the scene, then it needs to polite about it, lest they take advantage of people feel him! Unexpectedly, the man is lifted brow, "Oh," a cry, lips hold in the mouth a smile, "how a Shefa?" Gourmet count Shefa? Xie also how a law? Favors fragmentation? She did not want to just left of the tiger's den and plunged into a wolf in bed! Lift the evening among Mouguang look at him, suddenly thrust out his hand to remove the cup on the table and poured himself a cup of tea Road, "That tea instead of wine, a glass of good princes King!" Such Shefa obviously not satisfactory, because Fung Che after hearing these words on the lips smile suddenly deep dash. small negative adult care, those wounds . With dozens? Evening among breath, his face black and a bit: "So, you want me to investigate the case, it is not that the inn together, but in reality is a major?" "From the beginning to now, no less than a hundred plays, but in the past it did not happen in the capital. wholesale Atlanta Falcons jerseys

He obviously is that people take the case, but in the end it seems he does is play it! Evening among the hum breath, composed himself, and I followed." "No!" I know she was out on my own to catch the meaning, phoenix feather black face directly rejected, and urged, "to be faster on the anatomy, do not dawdle!" Evening among Mouguang swept aside the other two, to see them looking as usual, raised an eyebrow, Yin Xinhui who opened a white cloth. The whole process continued for a long time, the evening among the more than cut open the corpse, or even pick up the organ, he was shocked to speak, without blinking an eye look ridiculous. wholesale Atlanta Falcons jerseys free shipping Questioned servant had said that night when Xu Shi Yin Xinhui quarter to go around, because the night phoenix feather lodge in the Princess at the heart so that the second wife is not happy to walk out, and did not let anyone follow, but she never came back out of this.

Meng Chong giants cold Wife: You and Expand clothes, because after a lot of water-soaked traces have disappeared without a trace, but they see in the evening among the missing skirt a little hole, and tear marks. wholesale Atlanta Falcons jerseys from china The seven princes and trifled with, he also wants to solve the case earlier earlier relaxed. Because they can not contact with the body, so in the evening among the Wuzuo check it with the side look closely, the second wife of the dead man is obviously, as to what is the reason had to be further analyzed, but solely on her death, she thought, she It can be acquitted of.


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